Supporting Pawlet’s Learners Since 1995

The Pawlet Scholarship Committee was founded in 1995 by Jane Rinck as her way of giving back to her community. Her generosity and vision launched what has become a vital local resource for area students of all ages. Since its inception, Pawlet Scholarships has awarded over $558,000 to deserving Pawlet and West Pawlet residents pursuing educational goals. And we are focused on continuing this mission in a way that can benefit even more people in the future.

How can you help? You can further Jane’s enormous generosity and vision by making your own contribution, of any size, to this important program. Thank You!

Advisory Board
Peg Browe
Jennifer McDermott
Anita Pomerance
Mary Beth Sweetland

Committee Members
Heidi Hammell
Amy Harris
Lisa Hoyt
Rich Marantz
Jill Perry Balzano
Keith Sargent

Rhonda Schlangen
Bob Schoenemann