“I feel extremely grateful and privileged that I live in a community that has the ability and the generosity to offer a scholarship to help me and other local students pursue our goals.  For me, that means studying biology and human impact on the environment at the University of Vermont.”

Jill Brooks
Pawlet Scholarship Recipient
Junior, University of Vermont

“This award was helpful in more ways than just being able to have funding towards tuition and for necessary expenses. Knowing my community supported me in my late-in-life endeavor was an incredible motivator to succeed against heavy odds.”

Rich Marantz
Pawlet Scholarship Recipient
Graduated from Castleton University with an Associates Degree, Nursing in 2015.


“Essentially, support from the Pawlet Scholarship Committee enabled me to take the first step towards the creation of my own business by sending me to school..The skills that I learned there have served me well and have allowed me to create a family run small business that has completely supported my family in the ensuing years.”

Julie Sperling
Pawlet Scholarship Recipient
Co-Owner, Naga Bakehouse